Bernie Sanders Comes to Buffalo, NY!

** Turn the settings up to the highest possible, the video was shot with a GoPro and will support the highest quality. ** 

New York is a true battleground for the first time in quite so time. All of the candidates are making there rounds of the major cities. After standing for three hours in the freezing rain (girlfriend of the year award goes to Jillian), I was lucky enough to be part of the 7,000 person crowd.

The class act that is Bernie Sanders also spoke to the 5,000 people who got stuck outside, due to lack of space in the stadium. The energy in response to Bernie was outstanding, and the passion and anger driving that same energy against the moneyed-elite were both palpable.

I did my best to capture the essence of the event, but you’ll have to forgive me for being a beginner with the GoPro and the editing. However, I’m not sure a professional could have truly passed on the emotions that filled that stadium to the brim.

To Bernie, the best of luck in the upcoming contests, and I do hope to be seeing you thanking your passionate supporters in a victory speech come July, and again, in November!

To the readers, stay tuned for my more in-depth take on Bernie, and the upcoming contests!

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