My name is Zachary, and I am a 22 year old from Western New York. I began traveling at the beginning of my undergraduate degree, which I completed in December of 2015. I completed a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science, which basically qualified me for internships and more schooling.

This is not a blog going on about how I decided to skip the career life, and continue traveling full time (although keep going, if that is you!). While that would definitely be a fantasy of mine, I do have a family, and things I cannot see myself leaving for 365-days a year. With that in mind, I committed to pursuing a career with my family business here at home.

However, I am committed to continuing my main passions: traveling and learning. The former will just have to get done in doses, while the latter is truly never-ending. This blog will help me carry on reflection, sharing my experiences and moving forward into new ones.

There’ll basically be two rotating themes while I’m posting new content, and I plan on doing them both pretty evenly: 1) Travel and 2) Commentary & Opinions. The travel category is somewhat self-explanatory, where I’ll be reflecting on my trips and experiences. The second can fill any range of topics, from government, politics, terrorism, technology, or the world around me.

I will also be maintaining a “Western New York” category, to specifically travel local for me.

The thesis of all content will be to provide perspective, with a hope to challenge existing ones. “Question What You Know,” as a tagline really only means to keep an open mind, and truly explore the horizon.

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All content, including writing, photos, videos and everything else that makes up this website is the sole creation and property of Zachary Angarano unless explicitly cited. All explicit citations will take place immediately after the presentation of the material, whether in an academic manner or a reference to close friends that inspired the content. Thank you.